Muke Construction & Projects (Pty) Ltd (Make more light) Building a nation through job creation.
That’s what Muke Construction & Projects (Pty) Ltd is all about.
Established in 2012 with the express aim of alleviating poverty and create opportunities for the disadvantaged, Muke Construction & Projects (Pty) Ltd embodies the essence of pro-active owner-manager culture in South Africa. Specializing in quality, cost-effective projects across a number of fields. Muke Construction & Projects currently operates in Port Elizabeth, with the view of expanding to the rest of the province and South Africa.
From inception, Muke Construction & Projects was designed to create a system that is compatible with government and other alliances and the private sector. Having put these structures in place, a top-quality management tier was installed, and the company committed itself to a path of constant innovations.
This strength and success of the company can be measured by the top quality
management team with extensive industry experience and to complete projects on time with constant client satisfaction. Muke Construction & Projects takes pride in itself teamwork, collaboration methodology, and capacity building initiatives.


Mission Statement

To play a major role infrastructure development in South Africa. To help grow our capacity and reach by creating partnerships with emerging contractors.

Vision Statement

Committed to providing service excellence through best class performance and efficiency. Dedicated to uplifment of communities as a priority that is secondary only to profit making.

Broad – Based Black Economic Empowerment

We achieved BBBlEE Level 1 contributor status. Achieving and maintaining this level of BBBEE status is a clear indication that management and employees are committed to the BBBEE goals.

Environmental Policy

Subscribed to the philosophy of retaining as much as possible of the natural flora and fauna. Clearance of sites is done with minimum damage to the environment. Where possible the natural flora and fauna is reinstated after the completion of work.

Quality statement

Provides quality infrastructure development of our services. Proven benefits of dedication, integrity and sustained client deals, which speaks volumes of the experience of management and operators.

Occupational health & safety

Management takes Occupational Health, Environmental and Safety Policy as their participative responsibility and continued education and awareness is maintained. The working conditions are fair and the health of the work force is always considered in planning and executing a work plan.

Our Team

Keith Jeptha

General Manager.

Responsible for day to day running and new business.

Goerge Holtman

Site Manager

Over 40 years of construction in various capacities at Murray & Roberts. Building & Training Manager at East Cape Training Centre.

Christo Zeelie

Commercial Manager and QS

Over 30 years construction experience.

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